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A Strategic Partnership Blending Chemistry and Technology

BASF and Partner to create BASF Intelligent Mine, powered by

BASF Mining Solutions have entered into an exclusive partnership with, bringing together our expertise in mineral processing and ore beneficiation chemistry with’s industrial artificial intelligence technology. In order to cement the relationship, BASF Venture Capital has also led a strategic investment round in to increase our applications portfolio and support distribution capacity globally.

BASF and Partner to create BASF Intelligent Mine, powered by

“The world is becoming increasingly digital and artificial intelligence can make a vital contribution in many areas,” said Markus Solibieda, Managing Director of BASF Venture Capital. “The team offers a flexible and future-proof system which can help to optimize the metal lifecycle from extraction to processing to disposal. We believe in the team and the potential of this technology, and we are happy to support the further development and distribution of this innovative solution with our investment.”

Our partnership combines BASF expertise in mining processes and chemistry with software and AI expertise from, to support our customers with unique decision-making applications. Our applications are designed to improve process efficiencies, maximize revenues and assist our customers to strengthen their sustainability and safety efforts.

BASF is proud to partner with as we share the same customer-focused ethos and are dedicated in building safe and transparent AI solutions to real problems. We empower people by teaching machine learnings (AI) to drive intelligent recommendations, so customers can make better and more reliable decisions. Moreover, we are dedicated in building trust by allowing users to understand the inputs and reasons behind those recommendations.

Mineral processing experts building products for mineral processing professionals


Benefits of the partnership:

  • Our joint offering forms a suite of applications aimed at transforming the Digital Processing Plant.
  • The Applications offered capture the expertise of your team and combine it with advanced data analytics and modelling to give you real time recommendations.
  • We offer a well-rounded approach to decision making across the mine-to-market value chain.
  • You will have access to mining process experts, (both mineral processing and hydrometallurgical) software engineers, chemists and data scientist that are working to find targeted solutions to support your process or known problems.