Flotation Circuit

Maximize recovery at on-spec grade

Flotation Circuit Optimization Application

Our Application guides metallurgists, operators and lower level control systems on how to operate the flotation circuit to achieve optimal performance.

The Problems Faced by Flotation Circuits

The purpose of a Flotation circuit is to concentrate feed ore to the desired metal grade as efficiently as possible, minimising waste and loss of the desired metal in the process.

Achieving throughput, grade and recovery targets presents a challenge as operators are limited by a reactive and manual approach (i.e. responding to the appearance of the froth) that is compounded by:

  • Constant changes in feed properties
  • Limited real-time visibility on flotation circuit performance
  • Limited feedback on how best to modify control variables for optimal grade and recovery

The BASF Solution

The BASF Intelligent Mine Flotation Optimization Application, powered by the IntelliSense.io brains.app platform, addresses these challenges by:

  • Predicting the impact of changes in material inputs (ore mineralogy and PSD) on the flotation circuit performance, including mass pulls, grade and recovery

Delivering near real-time intelligence to operators about variables that directly influence the flotation grade and recovery, including:

  • Each flotation cell’s bubble size, gas hold-up and bubble surface area flux
  • The mass pull and recovery of individual flotation cells and columns, and their impact on total circuit performance
  • Providing recommendations for optimal set points and/or ranges of key control variables in the flotation circuit, including reagent dosages, air flow rates and pulp levels.
Optimizing your flotation circuit achieves improved recovery at the desired grade, which directly increases net metal production.
Flotation Circuit

The BASF Intelligent Mine Flotation Optimisation Application has been developed and refined across multiple projects and customer sites, resulting in an ‘out-of-the-box’ product that can be rapidly deployed and customised to deliver value within weeks.

The Value Gained from Optimization

The BASF Intelligent Mine Flotation Optimization Application:

  • Increases the flotation circuit’s metal recovery at the desired grade, helping to achieve and maintain the desired grade and recovery irrespective of upstream changes
  • Improves overall process efficiency by identifying underperforming cells/columns in the flotation circuit operation
  • Provides clear and precise operational guidance on how to operate each flotation cell/column, so the overall performance is optimised irrespective of shift

Value Chain Optimization from Mine to Market

Powered and connected together by the brains.app platform, the Flotation Optimisation Application is one of a suite of real-time, Artificial Intelligence-driven, decision-making applications to optimize each process from mine to market.

Flotation optimisation app
brainsapp Flotation performance screen

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