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Pipeline Pumping Circuit Optimization Application

Our Application integrates with existing data collation systems, carrying out near real-time data analysis to deliver optimisation schedules and track impact on the full operational pipeline.

The BASF Intelligent Mine Pipeline Pumping Optimisation Application is used by operators, process engineers and strategic decision-makers.

The Problems Faced by Pipeline Pumping

Site water is pumped into a succession of tanks using extensive high-volume pipelines, which can present a range of challenges including:

  • Extremely high energy costs
  • Frequent on/off switching accelerates pump wear which in turn impacts on costs
  • Unexpected pump breakdowns contribute to higher maintenance costs including maintenance staff
  • Uneven wear if pumps are not balanced, which impacts negatively on planned maintenance scheduling and costs

The BASF Solution

The BASF Intelligent Mine Pipeline Pumping Optimisation Application, powered by the IntelliSense.io brains.app platform, has been built specifically to help alleviate these issues, including:

  1. Provide an optimised schedule for upcoming operational periods..
  2. Optimize across the entire pipeline level as opposed to existing Cascade Control Logic which assesses upstream tank levels individually.
  3. Provide the most optimised possible power distribution for stable demand.
  4. Proactively implement the strategy with the least possible pump switches on/off.
  5. Adapt quickly to unexpected change and develop new strategy options in real time.
    The Pipeline Pumping Optimisation Application ensures that the right decision is made at the right time, whatever the requirement.
    Pipeline Pumping optimisation

    The BASF Intelligent Mine Pipeline Pumping Optimization Application has been developed and refined across multiple projects and customer sites, resulting in an ‘out-of-the-box’ product that can be rapidly deployed and customised to deliver value within weeks.

    The Value Gained from Optimization

    The BASF Intelligent Mine Pipeline Pumping Optimisation Application will:

    • Assure continued transport of the required water volume at the lowest possible energy consumption
    • Improve pump life expectancy by reducing the number of pumps switches on/off
    • Reduce operational risks and improve safety by reducing the risk of tanks being overfilled or emptying
    • Mitigate environmental risk by avoiding spillages caused by overfilled tanks

    Value Chain Optimisation from Mine to Market

    Powered and connected together by the brains.app platform, the Pipeline Pumping Optimisation Application Powered and connected together by the brains.app platform is one of a suite of real-time, Artificial Intelligence-driven, decision-making applications to optimize each process from mine to market.

    Pipeline pumping App screenshot
    brainsapp Pipeline Pumping status screen

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