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Real-time Operational Data Reconciled into a Dynamic Single Source of Truth

BASF intelligent Mine Reconciliation capability delivers real-time operational performance data reconciled into a dynamic single source of truth, decreasing uncertainty, granular reporting and re-optimisation.

The new robust and transparent approach used is out of the scope of the industry standard; Microsoft Excel. This new methodology, in combination with bespoke usability and configurability, means it can be run by anyone, avoiding unnecessary, expensive and time-consuming onsite consultant visits.

Reconciliation of the


  • Reconciliation of data from mine to concentrate is time-consuming and based on disparate sources of data of variable quality, limiting the ability to improve processes and optimize the value of the mine.
  • Granular metal accounting cannot be done frequently and suffers from high uncertainty, preventing managers from knowing the real value of material transiting through the value chain and its distribution.


  • Data Reconciliation available through a simple user interface that can be run at any time.
  • All relevant data sources are integrated and consolidated in a single source of truth and can be used for root-cause analysis and training.
  • Results of the reconciliation provide granular knowledge of the material and metal accounting and associated uncertainty across the full value chain.


  • Additional transparency and insights from the data, collated in a single source of truth.
  • Granular knowledge of the distribution and qualities of material across the value chain.
  • Better strategic decision-making and reliable metal accounting reporting.

5 Days Per Month

Time saving estimated – up to 5 days for multiple people per month


Faster Generation of reports


On-site time saved compared to traditional approach