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Putting Security First, Always

BASF Intelligent Mine is based on a custom, cloud-based architecture built with cyber security as a top priority, in line with our general operational approach.

To ensure we remain at the cutting edge of cyber security we have enrolled with the National Cyber Security Centre in the UK, participating in their Cyber Essentials Certification programme.

National Cyber Security Centre

Working with their partner, the IASME Consortium, we have completed the annual certification process, giving us official ‘Cyber Essentials Certified’ status. This certification confirms that the programmes we have implemented protect us and our customers against the vast majority of cyber-attacks.

Cyber Essentials Certification

The Cyber Essentials Certification combines five technical operating controls that minimize the chance of security breaches.

  1. Secure Internet connection using a suitable Firewall
  2. Setting up devices and software using the most secure settings
  3. Implement access controls for data and services
  4. Protection from viruses and other malware
  5. Ensuring devices and software are up-to-date
Cyber Essentials Certified

BASF Intelligent Mine Data & Application Security

BASF prioritises the protection and privacy of our customers’ information in line with international standards including GDPR. This encompasses all data collected from customers’ systems and personal information from our applications’ users.

Robust security protocols have been implemented to access customer data via our pipelines and data storage, including OPC-UA, MQTT, VPN, and SFTP.

Application access is strictly via HTTPS, ensuring the best in class security and protecting confidentiality when accessing our customers’ data.

Additionally, we ringfence our customer’s data by creating individual cluster environments per customer to ensure data protection and data residency within the cluster. Administrator access to the individual virtual machine nodes is restricted to our operations team and every access requires client-based certificates and secure protocols such as SSH. This is backed up by further access controls including user passwords to access administration functions.

Our systems are deployed on multiple cloud services providers to assure uptime of our platform and to give us the flexibility to adapt to customers’ IT/cybersecurity requirements.

For more details simply request a copy of our full data security and privacy policy.

BASF Intelligent Mine ‘’ Platform Securely Collects and Processes Data


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