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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation with Embedded Change Management

Digital transformation to optimise operations depends heavily on embedding change via a managed change process.

A vital aspect of BASF’s implementation process is conducting detailed on-site application training with all key users, helping to introduce the new systems and manage the digital transformation process across the relevant business units.

BASF employs two streams to manage process changes:

  • Customer Success Engagement
  • Training through the online Academy.

Our Customer Success team engages with your company to drive value through open communication, coordinated planning, shared actions, goal-setting and outcome delivery.

Throughout the subscription period, they help ensure that the applications are used in a way that optimises value for all end-users and their organisations.

Embedding Digital Transformation with Change Management and training

The Academy

The Academy is a self-paced, online training platform that provides employees with ongoing learning, guiding them to explore the application progressively. It offers a complete set of courses and certifications required for the effective use of our suite of optimization applications.

The Academy addresses the challenge of training Mining Industry workforces in the uses and benefits of working alongside Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. The training programs are tailored to the learner’s role and are developed by mining industry experts.

The Academy is a self-paced, online training platform